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RAID STORE is the best store for the sale of Raid Shadow Legends ACCOUNTS. We have been the leaders of this market for more than 5 years and during this time we have given positive emotions to tens of thousands of players.
RAID STORE is the quality, speed and honed service from our specialists.The most famous and interesting YouTube bloggers cooperate with us. We have collected more than a thousand reviews on FUNPAY, YouTube channel and Telegram!

Setting Up Accounts

Services for setting up and pumping accounts of any complexity. Let's collect a pack for KB, go through the floors, clean the heroes and stuff, choose the best heroes for the Arena and close the VF!
Why buy a RAID account:Is Shadow Legends better than starting the game from scratch?

Fast development speed

You do not have to get the long-awaited heroes from the fragments by buying a starter account - you immediately choose the heroes you are interested in, in addition to the heroes on the account there will also be resources in large quantities for a quick and effective start

Cheaper than in the game

By buying an account, you save a huge amount of money, buying an account with the right heroes is much cheaper than donating in the game itself! We know many cases when players donated more than 10,000 thousand dollars to the game and then sold accounts for less than 30,000 thousand rubles! Don't devalue your money - choose an account!

The ability to try all the heroes

As we have already found out, buying an account is much cheaper than donating, so you can purchase an account with the heroes you are interested in, and if you suddenly don't like these heroes, you can always purchase a new account with other heroes at a discount by handing over the old one for the trade-in promotion!
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answers to your questions
How do I buy an account?
To purchase an account, go to our database
Choose a suitable account for yourself by price, resources and heroes, then copy the ID of the account and remember the name of the first Legend on this account, then just send the ID + name of this hero to the CHAT on the website and our manager will give you the details for paying for this account.Example: gH26rtZ - Reverend.
How are we better than the competition?
We are the best team in the world working on all markets at once, unlike our competitors, you will not find bad reviews anywhere, our accounts are not banned! We offer the best price and quality of our product. Most of the top YouTube bloggers on the raid work with us
Where do accounts in Raid Shadow Legends come from?
They are obtained from the fragments that plarium gives for entry. All accounts are completely clean and legal.
What has been completed on the account?
Only training has been completed on the raid shadow Legends account, they are level 6, some entry rewards have been collected, there are many resources on all accounts.
What is the account linked to?
None of the accounts are linked to any social network, only the plarium ID, which you can successfully change.
Can I play games from another device?
The accounts are multiplatform, which means that you can play with both Android, iOS and PC.
After the purchase, we will send you instructions on how to change the mail or you can immediately get acquainted with it by following the LINK.
Can the account be banned or rolled back?
Account bans? You haven't heard!
We use a high degree of security, unlike competitors in the market.
The accounts were created by us personally and they do not have an owner, you will be the first.

We guarantee the security of your account if :
You will not write to the chat and talk about buying an account .
You will not share your data with others .
You will not write to plarium support
Observing these simple rules, your account will never be banned - We guarantee!
To get an answer as quickly as possible, write to us in a CHAT on the website or a group in VK