The main problem for most players is setting up packs for various game activities. This is due to insufficient knowledge about the aspects of the game and lack of time.
We offer you to solve this problem with the help of our professionals who are ready to provide a number of services for setting up accounts.
account setup
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Full Account Overview

750 ₽

Setting up a Clan Boss

2200 ₽
Disguise the hero
200 ₽

Two-faced Guardian

1600 ₽

Arena (Normal)

900 ₽

Arena (3х3)

1600 ₽

Setting up Dungeons (Normal)

900 ₽

Setting Up Dungeons (Complex)

1400 ₽

Hydra Setup (Normal)

1200 ₽

Hydra Setup (Complex)

2000 ₽

Passage of secret rooms with rare heroes

2500 ₽

Fatal Tower - Floor

500 ₽

Fatal Tower - Boss

800 ₽

Faction Wars (For one faction)

2000 ₽

Cleaning clothes by the algorithm

500 ₽

Manual cleaning of clothes

1800 ₽

Introductory course on the game and the question - answer section on the call

1800 ₽
Other services on request
from 500 ₽

the security of your data is above all!

Our specialist will not need access to the mail or a code from the mail. Immediately after performing the service, you can change both the email and the password on your account.
We are with you from the beginning
and to the end!
1. Choose a service or several and fill out the form specifying the correct contacts for communication
2. Our administrator will contact you in the near future
3. We go on account check enough whether resources and hero to provide a service
4. If there are enough resources and heroes, we accept payment
5. Immediately after payment, we proceed to the execution of the service
6. Accept the service, leave a review and "play" for fun!
Speed is our advantage!
Immediately after you leave a request, our administrator will contact you and set deadlines for the services you have ordered.